Enjoyment, Satiation, Weight loss, Wellbeing

Mind churn of “I gotta eat something”

Sometimes our heads can run away in us like this. A good way to do a reality check is:

Track your calories against your expenditure.

Lots of online resources can help with this. Yesterday I had 3500, which is a lil too much for me, so I’m having a very light breakfast. Not that it works for everyone, just Ann idea to correct the imbalance of intake.

Also, a good stretch, yoga, chores, mixture of physical fun n games may help distract your mind

Enjoyment, Satiation, Weight loss, Wellbeing

Late night craving hacks – Eat a book, soft music, or educational vid


What you can do is imagine you’re eating the food you want to eat, or if it’s during the day and you want junk food, just imagine eating that food. Then have a few sips of water and see if you become satiated after 10-20mins.

Also, as I’ve titled the post, “Eat a book”.  Lay in bed and read, or chat with someone else over the phone.

Lastly, “just do it”.  Not the militant type of way, but as a self loving act. See if you feel better in the AM and always refer back to that to use as a motivational factor for the next evening challenge, as well as looking back on the painful memories of waking up extrea groggy.