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Training or adventure?

In my home town, we are blessed to have access to 2 types of swimming pools at our YMCA, each for a different purpose. It’s really cool to have that included with the gym  membership, and I hope others are able to find the same benefit in their town too!

So what choice do you pick in your life, training or adventure, or a lil of each? I like to get both, regardless of what labeled choice picked.

Have a good one.

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Health expo in Madison area

I had attended this community event this last Sunday, and I have to give it raving reviews. The amount of options available with the different booths, coupled with different workouts staggered throughout the day was amazing for a health focused individual.

Here’s the site: http://madisonhealthexpo.com/

If you’re at all interested in your well being, please go next year or find an event like it within your comfortable driving radius; my wife and I will be going – hope to see you there. It would be cool if you mention which blog posts are helpful to you and which ones suck 🙂

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Late night craving hacks – Eat a book, soft music, or educational vid


What you can do is imagine you’re eating the food you want to eat, or if it’s during the day and you want junk food, just imagine eating that food. Then have a few sips of water and see if you become satiated after 10-20mins.

Also, as I’ve titled the post, “Eat a book”.  Lay in bed and read, or chat with someone else over the phone.

Lastly, “just do it”.  Not the militant type of way, but as a self loving act. See if you feel better in the AM and always refer back to that to use as a motivational factor for the next evening challenge, as well as looking back on the painful memories of waking up extrea groggy.


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Wake up feeling refreshed!

Life is supposed to be this way!!

You should also feel large amounts of joy too! If you don’t, just bounce out of bed and start the day anyway.

As long as things aren’t terrible in your life, you deserve to feel this way. If you don’t, you’re either low on sleep water, human touch, nature/calm, accomplishment, friends, community, etc.

Just have fun and don’t overeat (or over-task) anything over time whether that’s heavier foods such as cheese, meat, or even healthy clean calories such as nuts or beans.

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What time of day to start eat or stop eating?

Well, it depends on what works best for your body, schedule, and your desires. Ultimately, it really doesn’t matter. There’s no need to stick a rigid schedule – unless that something you haven’t tried; that might work really well for you actually. Try it out!

What time of day to stop? Generally most experts say it’s OK to eat before bed, and in my opinion I do agree, it’s what helped with my weight loss and maintenance.

Now if you are going to eat late at night, make sure you really need the calories and then that you do eat light in the morning or fast a bit. It will make things so much easier on the body 🙂

Just listen to your body.. Well, it’s more difficult than “just” at first, but that’s how I gotta say it for now 😉

EDIT: Listen to the physical results if you can’t listen to your body in the beginning 😀

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Fill up on non-Foods

As you know, a big focus of this site is to remind people that enjoyment life is not just about food.

But if you’re like me, transitioning sucks.. There is a lull, similar to Seasonal Affective Disorder. A shift, if you will, between the old high coming down and opening up to a new period.

What are some non-foods?

Fitness, Family time, Creative expression, Selfless acts, Feasting with your eyes (Visual stimulation)

Hell, let your emotions loose in private, and have a breakdown if you need.. It may even help you. Last year I’ve rediscovered my own love for appointments and technology and how it helps me do more in life (as long as I set aside the schedule some days and go on intuition. Sometimes others need more help than someone else 🙂 )

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Taking things as gospel

These last couple years, I’ve gone through a period of having my mind think everything I heard was complete truth and must be followed 100%. Well, that’s a life of strife and not something I wish to continue doing.

Most things or advice in life can be taken with modification, or saved for the perfect moment when needed. Sometimes advice from well-meaning people isn’t actually for you, it’s for them.

But please take the upmost care and responsibility when ignoring and heeding the advice of others. Some of the time it’s pertinent to follow a suggestion, as long as you sense it’s from your/the higher power.