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When ‘all things in moderation’ get away on you.. let it create motivation

The world is filled with advocates of “all things in moderation”, and at times, rightly so – given the fact we all have different desires in life and don’t want to always go on a rigid direct path to success.  Being stern like that can actually strip out a lot of fun out of life too – yet at the same time, if you find yourself enjoying being rigid and 100% on course, continue to do that too.  It’s all about what fits best for you at this time in your life.  And that can change over time as well.  It’s ok 🙂

Enjoy your life and the people in it.


Don’t clog your intuition

So often we do this where we jam life full of activity, food, entertainment, etc, and after awhile, the body demands rest – yet sometimes when you’re numbed out, you can’t intuitively recognize this.  It’s a reminder to myself as well, and I still am a proponent of simpler foods, healthy eating, fun activity (even if I have a straight face :] ), and great relationships with others.

How has life been better when you pay attention to your intuition?

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Great to have adventures in life

​Sometimes we need to change it up a bit. My own experience follows. Feel free to comment about yours too 🙂

This year for fitness events I signed up to an out of town trail run. I also went The week before to familiarize myself with the course too.

The 10k Trail run with Rocky ground, lil mud, and roots was an awesome experience. Heard water nearby at times too.  Excellent stuff with cheers from staff and back and forth with other runners. It was at High Cliff state park in eastern WI 

Enjoyment, Reflection, Wellbeing

Universal reminder to make choices that bring the most happiness, health, and self wealth

Been awhile since my posting.  🙂 Been busy enjoying the summer back home, working in my IT job, exploring Madison WI during the week, and seeing about having a home down there early next year with my wife.

Mainly wanted to share the post’s title with people, and on the good side, I’m enjoying more nutrient dense foods, and have signed up for a 10k trail run. That’s all for now.