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Intent for this site

For freedom in improving your health, with maintaining your sanity. 🙂 I had a rigid plan for several years, and loved most of it, as odd as that sounds- until I wanted to eat while food omnivore meals again.

I hope people gain some insight from the posts, and that I don’t come across as arrogant or all knowing. My hope is that people who are having struggles with their health goals and unenjoyable/rigid diet and workout plans end up finding a balance that works for them. Not too little freedom and also not too much – like having processed foods every single meal and no salads. That wouldn’t be successful for most folks with beaten bodies from past eating habits.

Best of health. Ryan

Enjoyment, Fitness, Raw food, Reflection, SAD, Strength, Vegan, Weight loss, Wellbeing

Don’t let your ideals be the death of you

Find and enjoy this audio, in a rough format, as it does not include silence. You may want to play it back, at half speed, using your favorite media player.

Have a good one.

Remain safe and have your excellence of life as flowing and enjoyable as possible :J

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Cleaner Fast food burgers

In the past I would have shot towards a Culver’s burger on the rare occasion I desired a heavier burger, as they tout family farmed beef (and it sits right with me to know the animals have more pleasing living conditions). The family farm aspect is great, yet it is really greasy. If that’s your thing, great, but seeing the Hardee’s all-natural brurger come out, it’s a step up in the right direction 🙂

So… this past week I tried one in a lettuce wrap, without msg condiments, or processed cheese. ‘Was very pleased. Barely greasy at all, and went down good, and is digesting great. That afternoon I was very alert too!

Hope this helps folks who are looking to partake in fast food every so often, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Obsession with diet and over-controlling

Fyi: This post is more of a personal reflection, reminders to myself, but you may happen to find some value in it.

On the topic of controlling food, I’ve again noticed this in myself, something that those close to me have probably seen for years but stayed quiet because I was so pleased with the choice for a few years. It still is a big part of who I AM and allows me to accomplish more in life (that includes more time for relaxation too) without spending my efforts on too much digestion (ie: eating 3500 calories when 2400 would do).

Recently I over prepared for meals during an IT programming conference I went to. I realized this as I discovered the specialty line further into the week and noticed more clean options. I didn’t see it for 2 days for some reason (I failed to trust that the universe will present enough clean options to me and be able to go with the flow in a few moments during the first day and second to last day), and I even I forgot about the specialty options at times. I would say I “don’t know why”, but it was fear of being myself or that I wouldn’t learn as much if I wasn’t stuffed to the brim, which is the opposite actually. When we’re over nourished in our bodies, we sometimes can’t even stay awake, and that’s obviously not good.

Again, once I found the specialty line, it was so much better and the oatmeal, quinoa, cut up fruit was excellent as well. I feel like I can do better next time – not over prepare, and also not overeat so much standard food, and default back to my snacks I brought.

Is bringing your own food tough? It depends on your perspective 🙂 I gotta say, it was freeing (and at the same time, messy) eating delicious mangoes for one of the meals, where ever I found a peaceful spot for myself, that’s all.

To me, a habit of clean eating isn’t that crazy (but orthorexia or over planning is definitely undesirable if it limits your fun for too long). When having a busy life, eat ahead of time when needed and also just prepare QUICK snacks for backup. Hard boiled eggs aren’t quick snacks (*hits forehead*) – pre peel them.

In closing though, if I don’t moderate or limit my food choices and quality for most weeks out of the year, I start going towards unhealthy living and gaining excess body fat, which isn’t desirable, unless there’s a famine, heh.

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How great does food taste to you when you’ve already eaten? Be careful – you may not need food.

I made this post because today, I started to have a piece of whole-wheat hardy bread that we normally have in the house, and it tasted really good. Not just the normal good that bread tastes, but even better than how grains taste.

I thought to myself that something is a matter.. it’s just not right. I was not really hungry at that moment. So I figured it’s either water or hunger for activity or mental stimulation or people interaction.

Lo and behold, after I sipped a quart of water and took a bike ride to some stores with my lovely wife, that’s all it took to curb my cravings for a few more hours out.

I hope this was helpful for others, or if it’s common-sense to you, then you’re doing awesome already yourself.
Have a great evening, all.

Enjoyment, Omnivore, SAD, Satiation, Weight loss, Wellbeing

There is enough

Last week I had meal time with my family and the talk of raising chickens came up. The sheer speed in which they grow these days is astounding. Fully grown in 7 weeks and after awhile they got too heavy that they can’t even walk. I was saddened, but it is the reality of how some chickens have been breed.

The reason behind it? Speed maybe, more efficient? I for one like to have things more efficient, but not if it comes with a large cost to the animal’s wellbeing.

Anyways, I leave you with an idea that.. there is enough. Enough food for all. Slow down and enjoy, or even sometimes, pig out! I do rarely, heh.

Don’t believe in the enough-ness if you don’t care to, but just look around, with all the preservatives that are used, there’s ample food stuffs for all to enjoy.

If there wasn’t enough food, we would have famine more rampant, rather than excess body weight, as did I several years back before eating more fruit and veg.