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Being liberal vs rigid with food

It’s important we don’t take it too far in one direction if it’s affecting our well-being in life.

I’ve played both sides of that field, and I find it best for myself to be about 95% rigid and the rest some freedom from cost, and rarely, freedom from ingredients. If I get too liberal, I end up lethargic and can’t do things I love, like workouts, occasional video games, or puzzles.

What have you found for yourself? 🙂

Enjoyment, Reflection, Wellbeing

When ‘all things in moderation’ get away on you.. let it create motivation

The world is filled with advocates of “all things in moderation”, and at times, rightly so – given the fact we all have different desires in life and don’t want to always go on a rigid direct path to success.  Being stern like that can actually strip out a lot of fun out of life too – yet at the same time, if you find yourself enjoying being rigid and 100% on course, continue to do that too.  It’s all about what fits best for you at this time in your life.  And that can change over time as well.  It’s ok 🙂

Enjoy your life and the people in it.

Enjoyment, Reflection, Wellbeing

Universal reminder to make choices that bring the most happiness, health, and self wealth

Been awhile since my posting.  🙂 Been busy enjoying the summer back home, working in my IT job, exploring Madison WI during the week, and seeing about having a home down there early next year with my wife.

Mainly wanted to share the post’s title with people, and on the good side, I’m enjoying more nutrient dense foods, and have signed up for a 10k trail run. That’s all for now.