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Intent for this site

For freedom in improving your health, with maintaining your sanity. 🙂 I had a rigid plan for several years, and loved most of it, as odd as that sounds- until I wanted to eat while food omnivore meals again.

I hope people gain some insight from the posts, and that I don’t come across as arrogant or all knowing. My hope is that people who are having struggles with their health goals and unenjoyable/rigid diet and workout plans end up finding a balance that works for them. Not too little freedom and also not too much – like having processed foods every single meal and no salads. That wouldn’t be successful for most folks with beaten bodies from past eating habits.

Best of health. Ryan

Enjoyment, Fitness, Raw food, Reflection, SAD, Strength, Vegan, Weight loss, Wellbeing

Don’t let your ideals be the death of you

Find and enjoy this audio, in a rough format, as it does not include silence. You may want to play it back, at half speed, using your favorite media player.

Have a good one.

Remain safe and have your excellence of life as flowing and enjoyable as possible :J

Enjoyment, Omnivore, Raw food, Satiation, Weight loss, Wellbeing

Why “restrictive” diet plans are successful for super tasters

In shirt, it gives you parameters to follow and if you have cravings for other things and choose to leave the perimeter and open a gate (not a prison wall), you should be aware that you may not truly be hungry for nutrients, maybe just experimentation and fun in life. It is ok to experience some of junk food this way – for some people. Myself, as a super taster that wants to remain lean and fit, it isn’t something I can do weekly.

What a person can step back and realize is when you have cravings for something outside the diet plan ( for me, that’s peanuts, nuts, and blue corn chips, as I have these in excess), that you’re not truly hungry, maybe just thirsty more so.

So take your body’s cravings into account and see if you just need water or to get outside of you been in all day.

Enjoyment, Fitness, Local, Omnivore, Raw food, Reflection, Satiation

Fill up on non-Foods

As you know, a big focus of this site is to remind people that enjoyment life is not just about food.

But if you’re like me, transitioning sucks.. There is a lull, similar to Seasonal Affective Disorder. A shift, if you will, between the old high coming down and opening up to a new period.

What are some non-foods?

Fitness, Family time, Creative expression, Selfless acts, Feasting with your eyes (Visual stimulation)

Hell, let your emotions loose in private, and have a breakdown if you need.. It may even help you. Last year I’ve rediscovered my own love for appointments and technology and how it helps me do more in life (as long as I set aside the schedule some days and go on intuition. Sometimes others need more help than someone else 🙂 )

Enjoyment, Omnivore, Raw food, Reflection, Satiation, Vegan, Wellbeing

Detox diet, my findings

My wife and I partook in a food removal diet. No wheat, diary, corn, eggs, gluten. Also coffee and alcohol removed.

It can be dangerous if one tries to follow it to a tee and not consult with a dietitian and not get some new staple food sources that work well for your body’s digestive composure.

I got a great suggestion to try quinoa instead and that helps to have a different food. Before that move, my teeth started aching from dried fruit n nuts. I loaded up as that’s what I gravitate towards if anxious and put less love onto meals. Now making Smoothies, salads, eggs, soups, stews for people is great.

Trying new foods is the whole point of the experience for people that don’t vary their food groups. It forces you to try new things like non-glutenous grains and new produce, or maybe some local animal products too. 🙂

I’m missing eggs, that’s for sure. Hopefully my body tolerates them, as they’re a nice satiating food source. My intuition speaking, not based on finger pricks which do a better job, loading up on 1000 calories of dried fruit n nuts for 2-3 days my pancreas was probably more taxed. Not a pattern I would want to continue.

Not that one particular food is bad as long as you’re not allergic, it’s just overloading the body with “too much nutrition”. Whether that’s any animal product, fruit, grain, or vegetable

Til next time.

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Camping – Health your way

Last weekend I went camping with my wife again, for our first time this year. We ended up with a pretty fun and successful trip. Not much went 100% according to plan, as hard as I tried 😉 the bikes did not get to come along, but that was ok. Most exciting and unplanned is that my wife and I had a 9 mile hike one day. It’s great to be active!

For food, we had a mixture of granola bars, trail-mix, lettuce, kale, carrots, potatoes, peas, two mangoes, red bananas, watermelon, hard-grain bread, and some organic animal products such as hard-boiled eggs, venison, turkey dogs, milk. My wife had a few pieces of lettuce, and I had a small bit of kale and lettuce, which was awesome to not have to eat as much anymore. If you are trying to lose weight, it is advisable to eat more greens though.

We also went out to eat twice this time at some “healthier” restaurants in the area.

It just brings me back to what this site is all about – attaining and keeping health and wellness while having large freedom in life (to a point) to live healthfully and happy at the same time. In the past I would have wanted to bring way more fruit along, but now my more sustainable mindset and tastebuds changed to appreciate more variety of foods, particularly denser ones that satiate longer and require less resources outside of the tropics.

I know I’m a hypocrite for still buying tropical foods, but hey, I like the best of both worlds. A little bit of everything at times (exceptions to personally intolerable foods/activity do apply).

Anyways, I hope everyone else has a fabulous time during their weekends/vacations, and in normal work-life as well.

Local, Omnivore, Raw food, Weight loss

Organize your fridge for maximum produce and perishable use

Put your fruits and vegetables on the forefront. Make them the first thing you see when you open the fridge, and put the preserved, rich foods in the back so they don’t pop out at you as quick.

In our fridge, I put the kale in the front, and also some fruits that are ready in front. If there’s something super sweet, I put that in the middle if it’s time sensitive, and in the back if it’s not at all, such as a rare case that we have soda in our fridge 😦