Enjoyment, Omnivore, Raw food, Satiation, Weight loss, Wellbeing

Why “restrictive” diet plans are successful for super tasters

In shirt, it gives you parameters to follow and if you have cravings for other things and choose to leave the perimeter and open a gate (not a prison wall), you should be aware that you may not truly be hungry for nutrients, maybe just experimentation and fun in life. It is ok to experience some of junk food this way – for some people. Myself, as a super taster that wants to remain lean and fit, it isn’t something I can do weekly.

What a person can step back and realize is when you have cravings for something outside the diet plan ( for me, that’s peanuts, nuts, and blue corn chips, as I have these in excess), that you’re not truly hungry, maybe just thirsty more so.

So take your body’s cravings into account and see if you just need water or to get outside of you been in all day.


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