Enjoyment, Reflection, Satiation, Wellbeing

Don’t overdo, do an appropriate amount

In eating pretty big yesterday (consumed nearly 4000 calories, and I have a BMR of about 1600 cals with 800 cals of fun activity), and this morn, I am fasting with intent to digest what I ate and to re-balance my body, mind, and soul. The desire to forego food doesn’t come from a restrictive or punishment mindset in this instance; I enjoy being nourished, fulfilled, fit, having muscles, and low body fat as well. It’s great, isn’t it?

I feel good that I’ve given my stomach time to digest all of yesterday’s meals and emotions. It’s also nice the to-do list is done or at least divvied up into the next few days/weeks/months, and have a fantastic weekend planned with my wife.

So in summary, for me life is more enjoyable when not overtaxing ourselves (with food, recreation, home chores, or IT tasks). Could you benefit as well?  Have a good weekend!


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