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Detox diet, my findings

My wife and I partook in a food removal diet. No wheat, diary, corn, eggs, gluten. Also coffee and alcohol removed.

It can be dangerous if one tries to follow it to a tee and not consult with a dietitian and not get some new staple food sources that work well for your body’s digestive composure.

I got a great suggestion to try quinoa instead and that helps to have a different food. Before that move, my teeth started aching from dried fruit n nuts. I loaded up as that’s what I gravitate towards if anxious and put less love onto meals. Now making Smoothies, salads, eggs, soups, stews for people is great.

Trying new foods is the whole point of the experience for people that don’t vary their food groups. It forces you to try new things like non-glutenous grains and new produce, or maybe some local animal products too. 🙂

I’m missing eggs, that’s for sure. Hopefully my body tolerates them, as they’re a nice satiating food source. My intuition speaking, not based on finger pricks which do a better job, loading up on 1000 calories of dried fruit n nuts for 2-3 days my pancreas was probably more taxed. Not a pattern I would want to continue.

Not that one particular food is bad as long as you’re not allergic, it’s just overloading the body with “too much nutrition”. Whether that’s any animal product, fruit, grain, or vegetable

Til next time.


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