Enjoyment, Reflection, Satiation, Wellbeing

Oversaturation and stimulation

We all have a threshold for experiences in life and sometimes we get unaware that the limit is being reached, broken, and end up abusing ourselves without knowing it.

I myself have done it with various things: food, sleep, work, fitness, and relaxation.

It’s important to spend time for yourself and focus on things that matter to you outside of your, well, causes and career, call them?

If you’re a workaholic or over-thinker like me, do something fun and pointless for yourself. Watch a movie that won’t make you any smarter, get you any closer to your health or fitness goals, or make you a better family and community member.

Take some time to relax and just chill out 😀

That’s all for now; oh, and as always, make sure that the advice is what is taking you in the direction you wish to go for the near future


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