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Focus on Whole Food/Cleaning eating, but always have choice

Hi all. I again wanted to share with you the message of why I made this blog/site. Healthy eating should always be about choice and happiness. If you want to eat something borderline unhealthy for you, mull it over and if you still do truly want that, go for it, and get your satisfaction, but know your limits too, right? 🙂

How I succeeded in my weight loss was always holding the full belief tat I can most definitely eat whatever I want, I just choose not to do it.

Examples of when I’ve fulfilled a craving in a happy way are when: I’d had multiple servings of blue corn chips (mmm), having 4 bananas for a small meal, or having a decent amount of meat.

<Rambling>I’m a recovering vegetarian some moments, I do feel most comfortable when it’s humanely raised meat though. Plus, I can also still respect the aspects of vegetarianism and not killing, but that’s changed for me. These days I’m a deer hunter too, and I send a blessing to the deer before and after I shoot. I don’t mean it harm, yet just doing it as a sustainable eating practice mainly.</Rambling>

Ok, enough of the rambling, but you know what I was getting at with this post, right? It’s your choice in life to eat certain ways and also do your best not to overnourish either (because it’s when we give the body the right amount of food and life experiences that it can truly thrive).

Until next time!


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