Enjoyment, Fitness, Weight loss

Don’t think of it as exercise, rather, have FUN activities

Summer’s almost done, and the weather is great, but for some reason lately I’ve been more loose on the exercise (probably a bit too much, but yea.. I’m actively working on that). My mind is saying it’s not fun, but that’s not really true. It is fun, and that’s the reason for this post, to share ways to have it be fun for you too!

So how do you make activity fun? Well, a mindset shift for one. It takes awhile to get there and it’s not as easy at first. But basically making chores or errands you do and involving exercise with them, and be grateful for the wonderful effects on your body. When you move and sweat, you move your lymphatic system and that helps clean out your body and after awhile, you feel great!

Have to go to the store for food or small things? Go for a bike ride or walk getting there. Granted, you can only carry so much, but if you take a backpack and don’t mind putting a bag or 2 on your handlebars, it adds up 🙂 Or heck, break it up into multiple trips or bring a willing and able companion along to help.

Lastly, one item that I’ve heard in the past is to call your activity: “play”. Credit on that wording goes to Doug Graham (first 60s on about that concept, the rest is advertising for the Fruit Fest). I follow something other than his exact 811 high fruit plan, and he’s still a great resource for athletics, that’s for sure.


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