Smoking cigs. Healthy?

A few weeks ago I saw a guy at the beach smoking a cigs with his daughter in hand. I’ll leave my internal vent out of this post, but I was furious.  I asked him “is that healthy? Because I don’t think so”. I could have gotten smacked, but didn’t, as I was tactful about it and joked in a way too.

I was curious what his response was going to be, and he ended up saying, “No, but I’m addicted and the patches don’t work for me”. I sure do hope he gets help in another way!

Now if he had said “Yes, I think it’s healthy”, it would be hard for me to believe, especially for his daughter’s health but say he didn’t have his daughter around and was just plain smoking – well, some people like to make those types of choices and we must respect that. I have several wonderful friends that are smokers, and they know the dangers and also don’t intend to stop smoking, and that is how the situation stands. As weird as it sounds to the viewer, I am glad they have choice in the matter, even if something like that harms the body slowly over time. I don’t want them to hurt themselves (with cigs or food), but at the same time, choice and freedom (as long as it doesn’t infringe on others of course) is #1.

Can cigs be healthy? From my viewpoint, not at all, but from a warped alternate perspective, if you are in that situation where cigs mean the world to you, make sure you balance out the rest of your life as to not deteriorate your body. And please keep lots of fresh air for the rest of us and your children :O


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