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Healthiest way to cook an egg?

Here’s a pretty good, old-and-still-standing article from Mercola about eggs and cholesterol as well – yes, they can be very good, but watch out for later on about the perfect way to cook an egg. I like Mercola for the most part, but also enjoy scrambled eggs.

Now.. Maybe it’s good for some people. If you’re not in love with scrambled eggs, then switch it up. But it’s not good for myself – I don’t overcook my eggs when I scramble them, which is good, because overcooking would oxidize the cholesterol.

Just look at what might happen or the differences in meals:

One egg sunny wide up fried in 2T butter with 2 pieces of white bread
3 eggs scrambled with 1T butter or 1T Coconut oil.

What seems healthier?
It’s all about balancing your personal preferences against things that may be harder for the body to assimilate.

In Summary: Eat what you like, and in doing so, feel and know that it satiated your body and you want to now enjoy non-food things 🙂 If you’re still craving, then get rid of some or all of the refined bread or convert to whole wheat.


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