Enjoyment, SAD, Satiation, Weight loss, Wellbeing

How great does food taste to you when you’ve already eaten? Be careful – you may not need food.

I made this post because today, I started to have a piece of whole-wheat hardy bread that we normally have in the house, and it tasted really good. Not just the normal good that bread tastes, but even better than how grains taste.

I thought to myself that something is a matter.. it’s just not right. I was not really hungry at that moment. So I figured it’s either water or hunger for activity or mental stimulation or people interaction.

Lo and behold, after I sipped a quart of water and took a bike ride to some stores with my lovely wife, that’s all it took to curb my cravings for a few more hours out.

I hope this was helpful for others, or if it’s common-sense to you, then you’re doing awesome already yourself.
Have a great evening, all.


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