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There is enough

Last week I had meal time with my family and the talk of raising chickens came up. The sheer speed in which they grow these days is astounding. Fully grown in 7 weeks and after awhile they got too heavy that they can’t even walk. I was saddened, but it is the reality of how some chickens have been breed.

The reason behind it? Speed maybe, more efficient? I for one like to have things more efficient, but not if it comes with a large cost to the animal’s wellbeing.

Anyways, I leave you with an idea that.. there is enough. Enough food for all. Slow down and enjoy, or even sometimes, pig out! I do rarely, heh.

Don’t believe in the enough-ness if you don’t care to, but just look around, with all the preservatives that are used, there’s ample food stuffs for all to enjoy.

If there wasn’t enough food, we would have famine more rampant, rather than excess body weight, as did I several years back before eating more fruit and veg.


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