Enjoyment, Satiation, Weight loss

Eating denser foods and still losing weight

On eating denser foods, your digestive system can be strong enough so you CAN have rich, heavier foods at times.

In losing weight initially (before I was on the complete plant-based crusade for a few years), I ate a piece of semi-wheat toast with full grass-fed butter. It tasted SO amazing and I was SATISIFIED because I let myself have that.  I also had 64+ oz of water during the night too, and also exercised for 60-120mins on the treadmill. I like treadmills, but you may not.

You also have to work to get over cravings for the empty calories, meaning foods that when you eat them it’s harder to stop. It will be harder craving-wise, but if you really like a particular food, just go for it, just don’t do it weekly, right?

Find something that works for you and that means that you enjoy it (once you get into it) and that it’s sustainable over time, not just during the honeymoon phase, because everything is easy and exciting at first (if you’re like me), and then a few months or years into it, you have to drag along a bit and it’s slightly more challenging.


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