You’re going to be addicted to something – it’s ok

I’ve stumbled upon a few online posts about obsessions in life and it’s something I no longer bat an eye at. I’m going to be addicted to eating and using technology for learning and entertainment; it’s just what is in my life at this time.

It’s ok to be addicted to something. Life doesn’t have to be all about perfect balance and harmony. Some things will be out of order in your life and no matter how hard you try to balance them, it’s what will be and that is to be expected – just not taken too far for your own benefit. You yourself must decide what’s too far for the moment.

For example, I used to eat massive quantities of fruit and greens to keep my weight and health stable, and at the time, I didn’t find it to be too much out of balance as it helped me to not eat junk food, which I feared I would overeat and gain weight. This pattern worked – until it was actually becoming restrictive for me 🙂 Basically it shifted when I had a true longing for more cooked foods and animal products for more varied nutrition and taste bud variety in my life for a while. I knew I could then be ok with eating more stimulating food without overeating it, and my biggest preference today is making sure the food is organic. It’s not a 100% thing, but one of the goals if possible.

Raw foods and produce are great, but for me, only to a point. It’s now nice to be able to still enjoy my meals with having fruit at a lower quantity. I make sure I deeply enjoy it when having smaller servings – like half a service to two of fruit for a snack/meal, and save the rest of my calorie expenditure on other food groups such as the blue corn chip food group, whole grain toast, salmon, nuts, cheese, or eggs.


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