Buffets – great for health

“You get to choose between so many different options, just have a smidge of willpower.”

A recent time at a buffet, I mainly had salad and it was great conversing with family and listening to their stories. There’s no need to follow a rigid plan each time; just listen to what your body would like for the most optimal health.

Learn to have some willpower and also pay attention to what your body and health needs are, rather than what your cravings are. If you’re wanting to make a change, consider looking at your cravings as past addictions (at least just temporarily).

If you are finding that certain foods don’t work for you anymore, or a certain level of a food isn’t working anymore, you’re free to change it.

Here’s a video on my recent experience. Please don’t take my voice seriously, the tones are sarcastic, but the words are genuinely honest.


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