What’s your pace? I’m taking it “easy” today

Some times taking it easy (eating more than you’d normally let yourself, working slower than you normally would, planning less, etc) is SOO beneficial for you like you wouldn’t believe. It can help you recharge your system

This is something I definitely need as I’ve come down with a minor sickness for the past few days. It might be from the season’s changing, or stress of pushing myself every single moment like it’s life or death, but I don’t care, the main thing is recognizing that it is happening and does need to have me change my speed in life for just a little bit.

Today I’m doing some treadmill walking at night after my work day is done as a computer programmer. It’s quite interesting only walking at 3 miles an hour and just a slight incline compared to full 20% grade and 3.5-4mph that I’d normally do. I could look down on myself that it isn’t as much as I’d normally do, but I don’t choose to look at it that way today. It’s easing into an enjoyable activity program that will work well for me for the winter because walking and learning on the comp is something I truly enjoy very much. I have a thirst for knowledge (even if I can’t remember it all :D) and increased efficiency in life that come at a necessary pace and still retaining spiritual harmony for that moment – not too fast, not too slow 🙂


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