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Fasting and mental growth

When a person fasts (from food or a technology device), you don’t need to stop learning. This is a big reminder to myself as well.

Click here for a short audio I put together as well for others and myself.

Enjoyment, Fitness, Strength, Wellbeing

Multitasking to involve fitness

Something from which we can all benefit!
Some examples of what I’ve implemented that others may like as a template:

When sitting, Lifting legs straight out and holding for 1-5 mins at work meetings

Stretching during longer conversions

Holding weights or doing a muscular fitting set when waiting a minute or 2 for some computer task to finish

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Intent for this site

For freedom in improving your health, with maintaining your sanity. πŸ™‚ I had a rigid plan for several years, and loved most of it, as odd as that sounds- until I wanted to eat while food omnivore meals again.

I hope people gain some insight from the posts, and that I don’t come across as arrogant or all knowing. My hope is that people who are having struggles with their health goals and unenjoyable/rigid diet and workout plans end up finding a balance that works for them. Not too little freedom and also not too much – like having processed foods every single meal and no salads. That wouldn’t be successful for most folks with beaten bodies from past eating habits.

Best of health. Ryan

Enjoyment, Reflection, Satiation, Wellbeing

Being liberal vs rigid with food

It’s important we don’t take it too far in one direction if it’s affecting our well-being in life.

I’ve played both sides of that field, and I find it best for myself to be about 95% rigid and the rest some freedom from cost, and rarely, freedom from ingredients. If I get too liberal, I end up lethargic and can’t do things I love, like workouts, occasional video games, or puzzles.

What have you found for yourself? πŸ™‚

Enjoyment, Satiation, Weight loss, Wellbeing

Mind churn of β€œI gotta eat something”

Sometimes our heads can run away in us like this. A good way to do a reality check is:

Track your calories against your expenditure.

Lots of online resources can help with this. Yesterday I had 3500, which is a lil too much for me, so I’m having a very light breakfast. Not that it works for everyone, just Ann idea to correct the imbalance of intake.

Also, a good stretch, yoga, chores, mixture of physical fun n games may help distract your mind